Baba Ali's new word game

#1 Muslim Game on the market

  • 250 Kalimaat cards

  • 10 tokens

  • One 30-second timer (red end cap)

  • One 60-second timer (black end cap)

  • Scoring Pad

  • Instructions

Introducing Kalimaat!, the revolutionary word game where short and long term memory join forces to lead you to the winner’s circle!

This new party favorite puts two teams up against one another. It’s a two-fold battle of both common knowledge and memory. Are you able to guess which “famous Persian food is cooked on skewers” and keep that as well as the answers to nine other clues in your head until it’s time to recall them?

Guessing and keeping mental track of answers is a challenge. If you are a master of memorization, you’re fortunate. If you’re the type who needs the waiter to repeat the list of salad dressings to you just one more time-sharpen your memory skills by taking part in this fast-paced and challenging game!


  • "First of all, I have to say that Allah has blessed you with some amazing game-making skills. After you sent Kalimaat to me last week (Jazakallah for the expedited delivery again), my friends and I played it many times again and again for uninterrupted enjoyment Alhamdulillah. The game, as advertised, was really intense, really tested our memories, and provided occasional really hilarious moments. "
    AbuBakar Abid (Marietta, GA)

  • "I love Baba Ali's game: Kalimaat!...he has managed to make it educational yet full of fun and excitement...they are great for the whole family and I would highly recommend it."
    Zain Bhikha (Dubai, UAE)

  • “I finally got round to playing it ... It's pure genius! :) I was playing with family and they all loved it! It was genuinely entertaining and also led to a conversation about the muhadditheen and their criteria for accepting Hadith in their compilations etc ...I have no qualms whatsoever- maa shaa Allah, I totally understand your excitement - it's a great game :)”
    Shaheda P. (London, UK)

  • "I started playing the game and before you know it hours have passed and I am still playing game as it is very fun to play."
    Hassan Sultan. (Tampa, FL)

  • "I thought the game was ALLOT of fun being able to play with family and especially my mom who we played with in URDU!!! How amazing is that !! A game which is FUN and exciting any language you play in!"
    Yawer Atiq (Edmonton, Canada)

  • "I don't know what's more fun, trying to remember the words to beat the competition or laughing at each other doing it."
    Sammy Ahmed. (Orange County, CA)

  • "I must say that Kalimaat! is the most fun I've had in a non-physical sport game. The fact that is exercises the memory in such an intense, exciting, highly-social way is both outrageous and remarkable at the same time. Ever since I played the first round, I've been hooked and have been anxiously awaiting for the official release of the game (no joke). It'll be a LOT of fun inshAllah!
    Belal Khan. (Paramus, NJ)

  • "Kalimat is a great family game that's fun and educational.  Every Muslim family should have a game at home like this that they can play and build bonds rather than watch TV or do something unproductive."
    Jaweed Bari. (San Jose, CA)

  • “Its not your average game its tests your quickness and intellect, if you want to have fun and alot of laughs, explore Kalimaat!”
    Frank M. (Montreal, QC)

  • "Kalimaat is a great game in that it challenges you, with an urgency to use your creativity on the spot, not to just to elicit the right answers from your partner, but to also remember all the words that you've figured out.  Added to it all, that everything is time-sensitive, the game creates an excitement and intensity which really brings life to a gathering.  I really enjoyed playing it, and with the incorporation of Islamic terminology, what more can you really ask for in a game?"
    Adnan Yamani. (Irvine, CA)

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